I can’t even look at anything delena related anymore. That’s just how bad it is. Like I literally quickly delete the tab or cringe, is that bad?

Nope sound like me…I never really shipped them but I was open minded to maybe I could actually see them as a couple but now they just get on my nerves

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Guys I find it funny when someone comes spread hate on your profile on your opinion but they don’t have the balls to display their name? Now there are some respectful anons thank you for coming correct…….I’m talking about the rude hoes…like idk why get on an ANTI BLOG and try to say their full of shit? It’s AN ANTI BLOG!!! No matter how much you try to get them to “see the light” it ain’t happen !!!Cause it’s an ANTI BLOG it’s not their to promote my little pony or sang kumbaya with the Winnie the Pooh Crew!!!!! It’s their blog and I think if they tagging right hey it is what it is !!! Stop being petty anons! And dude if I like Beyoncé don’t get on my blog talking about well she ain’t no Tina Turner or call me a bitch because I didn’t put Kelly Rowland up there ….seriously ??? And when it comes to shipping…I’m not even going to get started on that….

Imma need some folks to conceal and don’t feel and let it go…..LET.IT.GO.


You know I find myself just shipping Alena(Alone x Elena) more and more??

I don’t think I want SE this season because Stefan needs happiness. And I want him to know that Elena doesn’t have to be the only thing that can keeps him happy. I don’t him to just run to her cause she slept with his brother man. How people just look pass it is beyond me.
I def don’t want DE they had it and I wasn’t impressed enough to say I will give it a chance..I felt like Simon Cowell saying this is absolutely ridiculous. And it’s same with Damon he feels she is the only good in his life( because your brother respecting your relationship with his ex don’t speak measures)

I just want to see them happy without Her! So no to Stelena and Hell No to Delena

Give me Defan. I wanna see them act like brothers . Like they suppose too!!!
Throw in Baroline Bamon Steroline too lol

Not Really…

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Hours before the curfew, and pigs are already firing on the crowd. It’s gonna be a long night y’all #disgusting #stawoke  

What the heck is going on in Orange County??

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I can’t pick between Bonenzo and Enzoline?… Maybe Bonenzoline??


More the merrier….right ?



Photographer: “Put yo hand up if you gonna have a career in the future!”

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The truth

this man was speaking so much truth, i really wish someone would interview him

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Hello, my name is Strong Female Character, and my secret power is reaffirming the heterosexuality of the disproportionately male cast.

"Except when I’m black, and then you must keep me 5000000000 feet away from any man.  No matter his race. Because I’m a strong independent [black] woman that doesn’t need a man… or some shit." 

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